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“I wanted to reach out to you after watching Sweet 16.  As a mother with a type 1 diabetic son, I have grasped more of what my son goes through on a daily basis.  He was diagnosed over 9 years ago and it has become the norm with all the challenges of diabetes management.  It has also become so routine that I forget about the importance of not making life related to just about diabetes.  All conversations always start out asking “did you check your sugar”?  It’s not only difficult as parents to watch your child go through this, but it’s also very difficult for them because they are living it.  Katia has inspired me to think about how I can make a difference in educating about diabetes.  She, along with her parents and everyone in the film did a great job in educating the viewers about all the positive and negative aspects of diabetes and how to overcome the negative ones.

Thank you once again for your contribution to helping everyone understand diabetes more.

 I highly recommend that this video be a part of the health curriculum in schools.

 Sincerely, Michelle Alzaghameem

“The film is fantastic! Watched it as soon as it arrived. It made me cry, made me hopeful and appreciative, and made me see that I’m really not alone in this..I can’t wait to watch it again with my entire family!! Thank you for making something so personal to share with us!”

– Christina Paradise, USA

I would recommend this DVD to anyone that has a teenage child with type1.

It’s brilliant gives you a real insight into what they go through daily and how they feel.

Also how very very lucky we are to have insulin available to us as a lot of countries don’t.

Hannah Stilp, UK

Hi Dan.  I’m not sure if you will ever personally receive this but I wanted to express our gratitude to you and your precious family.  My daughter was diagnosed with T1 when she was 7.  She is now 15 and an amazing girl who loves the Lord and desires to live her life for Him.  However, this disease has created in her a wall of frustration that includes fear, anger, low body image, feeling alone and more.  I have read through your letter about the movie and Katia and have decided to watch it with Elli and pray for all of those frustrations to melt away as she watches another young girl relate to her set of circumstances.  What a God send Katia is.  Please give her our thanks and love for allowing the camera to be in her face at times I’m sure she would’ve rather been in a corner drenched in tears.  Her testimony of living with diabetes will no doubt enhance the lives of millions!!!

Phillip and Shannon Hayes, USA

Hi Dan I have finally received the sweet 16 dvd and had a sit down with fin , we were both amazed, educated and shocked by the dvd fin was said he would love Katia to contact him as a mentor

Denis Cadman, UK

We have received and watched our video. Very moving and meaningful. Thank you!!!!!

Kim Andersen-Johnson, USA

I have so many thoughts about the film and the different ways it impacted me personally. As you might remember, I was just diagnosed type 1 at age 42. I have a slower onset but have the autoimmune disease….I love how you all produced this with so many facets to the challenges the disease poses…money for research, shortage of supplies, emotional and age related, newer diagnosed and longer term diagnosed, the second and third chances to choose health, acceptance and denial, etc. it was a very well rounded approach and inspiring to me to think about how I might reach out too when the time is right for me and my family.  Your daughter and your family has courage. She, and you, are going to support so many people, and are impacting many lives by opening up and sharing your journey.

Kristi, USA

And here are a bunch from our Sweet16doc FACEBOOK PAGE.

Thank you for this wonderful movie! I hope many people see this.

My Type 1 daughter (13), her sister and I, had the pleasure of seeing your documentary tonight as part if National Diabetes Week in Australia. Katia, you are an inspiration to us all. You showed us the reality of the tremendous daily struggles that families around the world go through just to keep their loved ones alive. We are doing okay and we are blessed in our country. Keep up the great advocacy work. Our next lot of spare insulin is going straight to IFL as it is worth more than any treasure on our earth. X

Thank you for producing this documentary. My copy arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve already watched it! Thank you Katia, for explaining what at times feels impossible to explain. I’ll be sharing this film with family and friends.

THANK YOU brave brave. I wish the world would see this movie. It would help make people forget themselves for a moment and to cease ignoring those who are doing our best to raise much needed funds to sustain JDRF and other research efforts. Yes a pin, or notebook or key ring can make a difference. I will be sending insulin to Equador too. For once since 23rd April 2013 I have not felt alone. My 12yo daughter is now brave enough to use a knew pump site thanks to you! Explaining what a low feels like was very compelling. It has helped my daughter open up to me. We need a part two!

Thank you so much for our copy. We just watched it tonight and I couldn’t help but cry a few times. Being a parent to a T1 is very difficult at many times. I will pay it forward and share with everyone I know. Thanks again to your family for an inspiring film.

3,2,1 Estatus de NBA empiezan!

Purchased Sweet 16 and previewed it alone last week. Less than 10 minutes in, I started making a mental list as to whom I thought should take 76 minutes out of their busy lives to sit down for a glimpse of life with T1D. Top of my list of course, was my 14yo DD and her friends, then their parents, our T1D parent support group, school district nurses, other family members…the world. I also presented it to our T1D support group in the east side of Cincinnati, OH., as we were gathering extra supplies to donate to Insulin for Life. Lots of great interest there.

This documentary will change a lot of lives. It changed mine. Powerful. Realistic. Thank you Katia, for not balking at having a camera in your face during those truly private moments.

Got our copy in the mail yesterday, and just got done watching it with my T1D daughter.. Let me just say, what an amazing movie!!! What an amazing and inspiring story! Thank you for believing in this project and going forth with it. Every minute of it is worth sharing. As a family we have been raising money for research for 4 years now through JDRF Walks, in hopes to some day have access to a cure. So let’s all do our part in this fight!! God bless!

I was at a JDRF Walk today near Montreal, many thousands of supporters out.We all want a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, and JDRF is a key funder of much needed research. Support your local JDRF and lets get the cure ON…

I just received my copy of Sweet 16 in the post today – all the way from Canada to Australia !!!! This film gave me insight and inspiration … I saw many parallels between Katia’s story and my daughter’s. Thanks you Katia and Dan for making this film – and Katia for her honesty about her feelings….

I also want to thank the Insulin for Life program – we have donated to this program and it was great to see where the donations go and the difference to these communities small donations make…

Dan, thank you for sharing your fb conversation with Sandy. It is absolutely horrifying to think of her situation and losing such a fine young man to this hideous disease we all live with, but at the same time, I don’t want to keep my head in the sand and cover my ears and eyes to the dangers. Unfortunately, my 2 t1 daughters don’t have that option either, so I plan to share her words with them also. It is our reality. By the way, just watched Sweet 16 and was so impressed with it all, from every angle! I think what makes it so special is your daughter and who she is as a person FIRST, and then the fact that she just happens to have type one diabetes SECOND. My 2 daughters (ages 12 and 14) really got a lot from watching it, and we thank you! All 3 of you seem pretty incredible!

Is this video captioned or have subtitles for the deaf? I would really like to watch it!

Watching Sweet 16 while eating ice cream with my T1D.

Thank you so much for making a video like this. I know I have learned a lot into what my daughter is feeling etc.

Watching Sweet 16 while eating ice cream with my T1D.</p> <p>Thank you so much for making a video like this.  I know I have learned a lot into what my daughter is feeling etc.

Very good and informative movie! I watched it with my 13 year old T1 and passed it along to my family members to watch!

Just ordered a copy!

Oh my, my tears fall. With every damn insurance fight, wearying conversation about my girl’s T1D, my emotional ups and downs as a mom, and C’s deep sense of privacy, I worry so very much about those without access to T1D care – even in our own country – and how fortunate I am that my daughter is alive. I have not been able to throw away or recycle unused insulin vials, pumps, test strip bottles, for two years. They are evidence of hardship and good fortune.

Type 1 diabetes documentary

Thank you for making such a very informative movie about young adults dealing with type 1 diabetes, my Daughter was diagnosed at 4 years old she is now 32, and she did straggle in her teens thinking that at that age she was invincible and not taking care of herself lead to her blindness I only wish I should have been more strict with her, as her Mom this is a feeling of guilt that will never go away, she is my baby girl and it tears me apart that she has to go through this every single day. This movie will teach and help lots of young adults to deal with type 1 diabetes and also will let them know that they are not alone. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for making this movie! Can’t wait to see it and share it with my MODs group (mothers of diabetics) we are 800 moms in a group that deeply need this information out there!

I have had type 1 diabetes since the late 80’s I honestly think this movie would be good for those who aren’t diabetic. good job.

Hi lovely to hear everyone’s feeling with regard to the DVD. I talked about my reaction a few months ago when I purchased my DVD. I was wondering if anyone out there can help me with a little advice. My 14 year old daughter has just recently started loosing her hair nothing too major. She has a few little bald patches and it’s getting very thin and weak. Could this be to do with the diabetes or something else? I don’t know anyone else with diabetes that could advise me apart from medical officials who I intend to contact on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend.

Me and my daughter just finished watching Sweet 16. She is 8 and was diagnosed with type one at the age of 6. She has struggled daily with her new life, and has been closed off to the idea of reaching out to other diabetics. I wasn’t sure she would agree to watch the film with me. To my surprise, she couldn’t wait to open it up and watched the entire thing and was actually upset it wasn’t longer:) She was intrigued watching Katia go throughout her daily life and being the best she could be despite her diabetes. I think it was awesome for her to see others with the same struggles she has, day to day. Thank you for shining the light on this horrible diagnosis and proving you can still be happy. You are a strong, brave, girl. You have helped a child who is struggling with her own diabetic life. Bless you and your family Katia:)

I would love to buy the DVD but I live in Australia. Is the DVD available for region 4?

Great documentary. Watched it tonight. Tastefully done. Perfectly packaged.

I ordered the DVD as soon as I read about it. It was most interesting to watch it and I will share it with as many D-friends as possible. Thank you for spreading the word about Diabetes.

I have received the DVD through the post this morning and sat and watched it over lunch. My first thoughts…WOW! how powerful to see someone go through the exact same thought processes I have and do everyday! Katia is a very inspirational person, and this documentary is a credit to her! Its very moving to watch and to see someone else describe and talk about the things we think about but don’t necessarily ever say out loud (because non-diabetics wont understand the same) is

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is there anyway to purchase this movie online without having to wait for a dvd?

I just saw the trailer and immediately purchased the DVD. Thank you so much for spreading the word. Greetings from Belgium, Europe.

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Hi my name is francis and I’m from the Philippines. and been diagnose with diabetes type one since 12 years old and now I’m 24 years old my life just chance since that day. and been using insulin 2x a day now.

Hi I’m 21 and I got diagnosed with T1D just 5 months ago, at that time I didn’t even know I had it until I was taken in hospital with a severe case of DKA if my loving boyfriend who I live with hadn’t called the ambulance when he did the doctors said I could have fallen into a coma or worse died…I am truly thankful for him because he has supported me every step of the way as well as my familly.

All I can say is that I’m lucky really and if anyone thinks something is wrong them even if it might just be simple illness you should at least go speak to a doctor just to be safe, suffering with DKA was the worst thing I have ever endured in my life I am just glad that its now over and I can get on with my life and learning to control my diabetes one step at a time.

How do I view the hole documentary

Thanks to his family for sharing this with the rest of us! This only makes me believe that what i have chosen to do in my life is really valid and will help people in these “situation”. My dad is a T1D and he also got cancer, lives alone and this has me worried all them time. But with technology i am changing that…..more on that later. Thanks for sharing !

Will this be available on Netflix at any point?

Just ordered this for my 10 year old, she isn’t a teen but has lots of issues and struggles with why she has diabetes and none else does she knows.

Great timing–I ordered this for my T1 granddaughter’s 16th birthday. I hope it is as good as reviews.

I just wish this DVD was not quite as expensive.

Hi there! Was wondering if you will releasing the DVD in a digital download format at all?

Can I get the DVD in spanish?

Join us for a screening of Sweet 16 in Dallas at Studio Movie Grill ,Tuesday, Jan. 21st. Complimentary tickets available thru link below. Thanks Kewl Innovations and American Diabetes Association – North Texas


Just watched the DVD with my son who was diagnosed at age 18 and has had T1 for 3 years, very emotional for me and a must view for any family with a teen diagnosed. An eye opener for those living in 3rd world countries with T1, life shouldn’t be that difficult to obtain insulin to keep you alive. Well done Katia and family, keep up the great work!

I have been a nurse for diabetics in the hospital for eight years. The daily struggle to keep their blood sugar in a “normal” range is difficult even in a controlled environment. Thank you for showing the life of a teen and the seriousness of the disease.

Hi Katia and family, my husband and I finally had a chance to watch your movie, you did a great job, congrats! We both enjoyed it and learned more about diabetes, glad to have had a peek to your journey with diabetes! We sure are lucky to live in Canada!

Have a great New Year 2014, health, happiness and always having access to insulin, all the best!


can I get a link to where I can buy a copy of this doc.

I’m really looking forward to watching this with my daughter, who was diagnosed almost a year ago… I just ordered a copy.

I watched the DVD last night. Well worth it! Very informative and a well made movie. I’ll leave it out for my daughter (T1) to watch. I didn’t want to make it a big deal to her. She’s 18 and will get to it when she will. Diagnosed at 14, “diabetes fatigue” has been a real factor.

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Would love to see this here in NYC – any plans to screen it here?

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